Wisconsin: Vote for workers, vote for Socialism!

The following is a statement from the La Riva-Puryear for President Campaign on the Wisconsin Primary.

As the people in the state of Wisconsin head to the polls on Tuesday April 5 they will vote for the presidential hopefuls who they think will best represent them. For the people in Milwaukee, and other working class areas the people will consider the lessons of its 2011 militant working class movement. 

Working class strength

Wisconsin’s working class flexed its muscles and proved its fighting potential to the world when in February 2011 upwards of 100,000 workers from around the state occupied the capitol building and shut down government buildings in opposition to the state’s anti-labor offensive. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, who still holds onto power today despite mass opposition, had attempted to solve the state’s budget problems by putting the burden on working people. His Assembly Bill 11 would have restricted workers’ basic rights to form unions, bargain over their pay and benefits, and collect dues.

Wisconsin’s working class will not forget this struggle when making political decisions. They’ll remember that to fix the budget problems the 1% politicians wanted the workers to pay for it by taking pay cuts. Meanwhile, 10 billionaires in Wisconsin were not asked in any way to help the situation. In fact, they were allowed to increase the profits they siphon from the people.

The corruption of capitalism

Scott Walker had justified taking money away from working people because he had predicted a 3.6-billion-dollar shortfall by 2013. But in 2014 Forbes revealed that Wisconsin’s richest person, John Menard of Menard’s home improvement retail chain, had a net worth of $9.2 billion. Plenty more than double the entire state budget shortfall was owned by one man! 

Walker didn’t ask Menard nor any of the other billionaires to sacrifice and help keep the state’s budget stable. Instead he attacked the basic labor rights of millions of workers to try and stick them with the bill. This makes perfect sense only in the corrupt system of U.S. capitalism. This system allows the exploitation of the masses of poor and working people, while the 1% can enjoy extreme decadent wealth.

Unite with our campaign

We stand with the people of Wisconsin against the rule of the billionaires. The 2016 Republican presidential candidates will only continue to attack working people. Republican presidential candidate John Kasich provided political support to Walker and authored similar anti-worker bills in 2011 that led to mass protests one state over, in Ohio. Cruz is beholden to the billionaire class and the racist Trump is a part of the billionaire class. 

The Democratic Party leadership has not formed a respectable defense of the workers. The party elite is in fact paid off or belong to the very same billionaire class as the Republicans.

Only the people will solve the corruption of capitalism. People protests and strikes have already proved to be an avalanche of political strength in Wisconsin. Their momentum cannot be represented in the parties of the rich, they need a party of their own. 

The La Riva-Puryear for President Campaign is not just running in the elections. We are in the streets with the people. We don’t take money from the rich, instead we call for socialism and demand an end to the rule of the 1%. The 10th point of our program reads:

Capitalist banking is a form of organized crime, rewarding greed and fraud with obscene bonuses. These billionaires looted and destroyed the economy. It is time to seize their assets and use those resources in the interests of the vast majority.

Vote socialist in 2016!

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