Watch: Activists explain why they are voting socialist

Watch the newly released video from activists supporting the Gloria La Riva for President campaign!

Click here to view.

People from many communities and backgrounds are coming together to promote a political and economic alternative to capitalism in the elections. In this short video some of these people explain why that alternative is socialism and why they have become involved in the La Riva for President Campaign.

They said, “I’m supporting Gloria La Riva for President because all her values and points reflect my own values… we have a very clear program for working people, housing, education, healthcare… all rights for queer and trans people, rights for undocumented people rights for immigrants”.

If you agree with our ten point program then join our campaign and join the Party for Socialism and Liberation!

Gloria is the candidate of the Peace and Freedom Party in California and the Liberty Union Party of Vermont, as well as the PSL in other states.