Third party candidate: No Clinton or Kaine, protest the DNC!

"Of course we will protest the Democratic National Convention next week in Philadelphia,” exclaimed Gloria La Riva. “The people have had enough corruption from the Democratic Party leadership and they can’t take it anymore!”

La Riva is the Party for Socialism and Liberation's presidential candidate. She is campaigning on a socialist ticket in states across the country. Her supporters will be participating in protests and marches against the DNC.

La Riva continued, “Adding insult to injury, WikiLeaks has just released some 20,000 emails between top DNC officials confirming they had conspired to suppress the pro-Bernie Sanders’ movement on behalf of their favored candidate Hillary Clinton. This has not only broken their own rules but has offended every well-meaning person who ever cast a vote to improve the system.

“Millions of people came out to enthusiastically support the progressive reforms of Sanders’ program, but the Democratic Party establishment did everything within its power to neutralize this movement. There were rallies with tens of thousands of his supporters but this was barely covered in the corporate media. From start to finish of the primary process, 

Sanders’ supporters were confronted by how anti-democratic our elections actually are. Nearly 3 million new voters were unable to vote for Sanders in New York state alone.”

Speaking on the DNC’s favored candidates La Riva said: “Now they are trying to sell people on Clinton and Kaine? Well, that pill will prove too hard for many to swallow. We already know that Clinton supports anything as long as it’s good for Wall Street. From ultra-polluting fracking to devastating mass incarceration, she has championed it. Her vice-presidential pick, Senator Tim Kaine, supports essentially the same capitalist program and staunchly supports free trade agreements that destroy the working class, including the disastrous TPP.

“Sanders has officially endorsed Clinton and has indicated that he aims to make the Democratic platform as progressive as possible, but Clinton’s appointees to the Democratic Platform Committee have blocked even the most watered-down progressive reforms including calling for a carbon tax, indexing a $15/hr minimum wage to the cost of living, and a single-payer Medicare-for-All plan.”

La Riva concluded, “We are fully convinced, especially at this time that the Democratic party is not reformable; we can't look to either of the capitalist parties. We must instead look to ourselves and build a new mass movement that fights for the rights of all working and oppressed people. We must end capitalism and implement a socialist system where power is in the hands of the working class, and people's needs are planned for and guaranteed.”