Socialist presidential candidate urges voters to refuse to fall in line behind Clinton

“Hillary Clinton’s appeals for progressives to fall in line by voting for her and the Democratic Party establishment in November is highly insulting, to say the least,” said socialist presidential candidate Gloria La Riva in response to tonight’s primary elections. “Clinton is a war-monger, a tool of Wall Street and was a key backer of the expansion of racist mass incarceration in the 1990s. These are not progressive credentials, and she does not deserve progressive votes.”

La Riva, a lifelong activist, community and labor leader, is the presidential candidate for the Party for Socialism and Liberation.

La Riva noted the undemocratic nature of the so-called Democratic Party’s nomination process, “Some of the races tonight were quite close, but to the extent that Clinton has a lead is due to corporate media bias, closed primaries and other voter suppression laws that disenfranchise millions as well as the fail-safe option of stealing the nomination with superdelegates. In New York we saw what may be outright fraud.

“Trump’s victories are a huge cause of concern for working and oppressed people,” La Riva continued, “and the Republican establishment rallying around Ted Cruz, the most extremist figure in the Senate, points to an emerging ultra-right-wing consensus in the party. Only a bold, radical platform that takes on Wall Street and the Pentagon can stand up to this threat.”

La Riva called on Sanders supporters to keep fighting all the way to November, “Millions of people, especially young people, now look to socialism as an alternative to the hopeless capitalist system that is robbing them of a future. But to have socialism, we need to have a socialist movement, and voting for the PSL’s ticket in the general election helps build that.

“The lesser-of-two-evils have gotten us to the crisis we’re in now,” La Riva concluded, “We need to take a stand against corporate Democrats like Hillary Clinton and reject the establishment that is doing everything it can to crush the progressive uprising in the party.”