Socialist presidential candidate: 'I salute and stand 100% behind the Verizon strikers'

Gloria La Riva on the picket line
Photo: Gloria La Riva on the picket line in solidarity with Verizon workers' 2011 strike.

As a worker, CWA member, life-long unionist and a presidential candidate, I salute and stand 100% behind the Verizon strikers. They are not just fighting to defend their own hard-fought wages and benefits from being driven downward and eliminated. They are fighting for the dignity and living conditions of all workers and their families.

Verizon made $39 billion in profits the last three years! Now they want to outsource operations and move jobs to lower-wage regions to make even MORE profits.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are two candidates of the billionaire class.

Clinton claims to be on the side of the strikers. Why doesn't she put her money where her mouth is, and give the $225,000 she recently took from Verizon executives for "a speech" into the strike fund?

Trump, an anti-union hotel owner, opportunistically talks about the evils of outsourcing and says he'll "make America great again." But he has held his tongue when 39,000 workers do battle right in front of him with a company that is bent on outsourcing their jobs and eliminating their economic stability. Both these candidates have confirmed whether they really stand: with corporate America.

As a 37-year union member who also had to strike in 1994 alongside my co-workers to defend our jobs and rights, I am deeply aware of the sacrifice the Verizon sisters and brothers are making by striking. They need all our support, and my campaign supporters and I pledge our active solidarity.