NYC Liberation Forum: Meet PSL VP Candidate + Eyewitness Cuba

An Educator's Report from Cuba: the Revolution Pushes Forward

Join us for an eyewitness report back from New York City activist and public school teacher Graciela Pichardo, who recently traveled to Cuba for a conference on education.

While budget cuts, school closures and skyrocketing rents loom over New York City, free education and health care, along with affordable housing, remain basic and fundamental rights that are enshrined in Cuban society. Despite being blockaded for 54 years, the island country continues to resist, defend its socialist revolution, and build a society designed to meet the needs of its people and other oppressed people worldwide.

Graciela will compare Cuba's education system with her experience in NYC public schools, and discuss how the U.S. continues to politically maneuver against Cuba in an era of restored diplomatic relations.

PSL Vice-Presidential candidate Eugene Puryear 

Socialist Vice-Presidential candidate Eugene Puryear will be speaking about the upsurge in resistance of Black and Native peoples and the prospects for building working class unity in capitalist America. 

Eugene is author of Shackled and Chained, Mass Incarceration in Capitalist America, a critical Marxist examination of the development of the massive U.S. prison system. He was a founder of the Jobs Not Jails coalition and a co­founder of the DCFerguson Movement in Washington, D.C. Eugene is Vice Presidential candidate for the Party for Socialism and Liberation, and the Liberty Union Party of Vermont.


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