November 8th: Vote Socialist! Vote Gloria La Riva!

The Gloria La Riva for President campaign has reached supporters across the country. On Tuesday, November 8th, vote for Gloria La Riva! Below is a list of states where Gloria La Riva will appear on the ballot.


In California: Candidate of the Peace and Freedom Party!
Gloria La Riva and Dennis Banks won the nomination of the socialist Peace and Freedom Party and will appear on the Peace and Freedom line.

In Vermont: Candidate of the Liberty Union Party!
Gloria La Riva and Eugene Puryear won the nomination of the Liberty Union Party and will appear on the Liberty Union line.

In Colorado, Iowa and New Mexico: Vote for Gloria La Riva and legendary Native American activist Dennis Banks!
The 2016 election campaign marks first time that PSL has appeared on the ballot in New Mexico. In fact, leading ballot access expert Richard Winger has pointed out, “This will be the first time since 1992 that any party with ‘socialist’ or ‘socialism’ in its name has been on the New Mexico ballot.”

The monumental task of petitioning and qualifying for the ballots was only possible because the people are hungry for change, and the financial assistance we received from our supporters.

In Louisiana, New Jersey and Washington: Vote for Gloria La Riva and Black Lives Matter leader Eugene Puryear!
Looking at any number of realities in these states will convince you of the necessity for socialism. New Jersey is home to Camden, the country’s poorest city. Louisiana faces environmental catastrophes but is neglected by the state. Washington’s housing crisis continues with an estimated 60,000 homeless children. Now the voters in these states have the chance to vote against the capitalist system with our revolutionary candidates.

The Gloria La Riva for President campaign also encourages supporters in all states where write-in votes are accepted to write in Gloria La Riva for President and further encourages all who are interested in organizing for a strong socialist movement to keep building the struggle against war, racism and poverty on November 8th and beyond by joining the Party for Socialism and Liberation!