Listen now: Gloria La Riva and Dr. Tony Monteiro analyze April 26 primary results

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clinton.jpgAs the U.S. presidential election enters a new stage, PSL presidential candidate Gloria La Riva and Dr. Anthony Monteiro, a scholar and activist who was a key organizer of the conference “Reclaiming our Future: The Black Radical Tradition in Our Time,” appear on Loud & Clear with Brian Becker to discuss a range of issues around the election.

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In a statement issued last night by the Gloria La Riva for President campaign, La Riva urged voters to refuse to fall in line behind Hillary Clinton. “Clinton is a war-monger, a tool of Wall Street and was a key backer of the expansion of racist mass incarceration in the 1990s. These are not progressive credentials, and she does not deserve progressive votes,” said La Riva.

“Millions of people, especially young people, now look to socialism as an alternative to the hopeless capitalist system that is robbing them of a future. But to have socialism, we need to have a socialist movement, and voting for the PSL’s ticket in the general election helps build that,” she continued.

“The lesser-of-two-evils have gotten us to the crisis we’re in now. We need to take a stand against corporate Democrats like Hillary Clinton and reject the establishment that is doing everything it can to crush the progressive uprising in the party.”

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Listen to the interview and hear more from the socialist candidate as well as prominent movement leader and scholar Dr. Anthony Monteiro.

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