Gloria La Riva: Trump can't change his racist stripes

la-na-trump-latino-20160820.jpgDonald Trump with his so-called Hispanic Advisory Council on August 20.

"Trump is still racist despite attempting an image change," said Gloria La Riva speaking out before Donald Trump's expected immigration speech this Thursday in Colorado.

La Riva, presidential candidate for the Party for Socialism and Liberation, is on the Colorado ballot along with her VP running mate, Dennis Banks, co-founder of the American Indian Movement.

"Trump tried to say he has sympathy for Black and Latino people, only because he's sinking in the polls," continued La Riva referring to Trump's meeting this past Saturday with his 'Hispanic Advisory Council'. Yet, on Monday, two days later, he says, 'Don't worry. We're going to build the wall... That wall will go up so fast, your head will spin.'

"Trump's visit to Colorado this Thursday is a slap in the face to hundreds of thousands of hardworking immigrant people who live here. I am proud to be the daughter of a Mexican immigrant who worked hard, like so many do, in low wage jobs with little pay and grueling conditions. My mother Julia has an incomparable dignity, unlike racist bigots like Trump or shameless opportunists like Hillary Clinton."

La Riva was born and raised in New Mexico, where she is also on the ballot along with Banks.

"For decades, La Riva said, "opportunist politicians have denied immigrants the right to legalize their status. Then they whip up anti-immigrant sentiment, claiming they are 'breaking the law,' when in reality they want to work and raise their families like everyone else.

“Our campaign calls for an immediate right to legalization for all immigrants, for an end to family separations, deportations and raids. 

"Trump said he would follow the same immigration policy as Bush and Obama. That is the only true thing he has said. Bush deported hundreds of thousands and Obama's administration deported a record 2 million. In other words, Trump promises continued brutality against the immigrant community."

The La Riva and Banks campaign in Colorado also calls for a dismantling of the Pentagon budget to provide for jobs for all, free healthcare, education and truly affordable housing.