Gloria La Riva: Join me and build the People's Congress of Resistance!



Important message from Gloria La Riva, the 2016 socialist presidential candidate of the Peace and Freedom Party, Liberty Union Party, and the Party for Socialism and Liberation.

Friends and fellow resisters, I am excited to let you know that I am now one of the Conveners of an exciting new campaign to fight back against the Trump agenda called the People's Congress of Resistance.

Join the first-ever People's Congress of Resistance in Washington DC on September 16th and 17th 

On the day after the election of Trump, I was in the streets alongside our campaign supporters and hundreds of thousands of people across the country marching and chanting, “Trump says go back-we say fight back!”. We had stated that while the campaign would end on November 8th, our struggle would not, and we immediately began to organize and called building a new, united mass movement.

That is just what the People's Congress of Resistance is proposing to do. I urge everyone to participate in this tremendous opportunity for the people's struggle! The Congress will bring together resisters and people defending their communities from all the movements across the country. We are working hard to bring activists and organizers from all 50 states.

The People’s Congress of Resistance has been endorsed by hundreds of organizations and activists including: opponents of deportations fighting for immigrant and refugee rights; Black Lives Matter chapters and families affected by police brutality; Native Americans organizing for self-determination; communities fighting pollution and climate change; nurses and patients advocating healthcare for all; workers striking for living wages and unions; women and LGBTQ people resisting attacks on their rights; and more.

We are asking everyone who supported our 2016 presidential campaign to now register and attend the Congress in September. If you cannot attend yourself, please consider making a donation to help sponsor another activist to attend.

Yours in solidarity,
Gloria La Riva




Register Today

Registration is now open for the September 16-17 People's Congress of Resistance! This event will draw together grassroots resisters and diverse social movements from around the country for an exciting weekend of strategizing, deliberation and information-sharing. 

The registration fees of $50 and $100 help cover the enormous expenses that go with organizing an event of this magnitude. 

Space will be limited, make your plans today — click this link to register today!

The registration fee covers participation in the two-day event, not including housing, food and other personal expenses.

Organizers will issue information soon on possibilities for housing, including more affordable hotels, church space, etc.

If you cannot pay the registration fee but are eager to attend the People's Congress of Resistance, please fill out this form. We are collectively fundraising so that no one will be unable to come on account of funds. 

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