2016 Elections: Growing support for socialism, people prepare to fight Trump


Thank you to everyone who supported the Gloria La Riva for President 2016 Campaign! The campaign, under the banner “For the Earth and people to live, capitalism must end,” reached millions of people across the country with the message that we need a new, socialist system.

As of December 8, Gloria La Riva, who ran with VP candidates Dennis Banks and Eugene Puryear in states across the country, has received approximately 74,227 votes, more than any socialist ticket since 1976, and the second most votes any California Peace and Freedom presidential candidate has ever received! Gloria was also the candidate of the Liberty Union Party of Vermont.

Speaking about the campaign, Gloria La Riva said: “We met thousands of people who responded positively to our platform and campaign. It’s so inspiring to see the growing popularity of socialism and its principles, which include the right to housing, education, healthcare and full rights for immigrants and for all people, and rejection of war, racism, misogyny, mass incarceration or police brutality.”

Our candidates campaigned across the country and were covered by many media outlets, which helped take the message of socialism even further.

While the corporate-funded campaigns were shutting down their offices the day the day after the election, Gloria and her campaign organizers were leading mass marches protesting the elevation of racist, misogynist, xenophobe Donald Trump to the office of president. We will continue this struggle and will join the Inauguration Day protest in Washington, D.C., on January 20.

Get involved! If you agree with our message and our activism, consider joining the Party for Socialism and Liberation.

If you live in California, we strongly urge you register Peace and Freedom Party and help keep PFP on the ballot. If you are already a PFP registrant, get involved in organizing and building the only ballot-qualified socialist party in California!