2012 PSL Presidential candidate Peta Lindsay "furious" that Clinton co-opted her image and organizing

Peta Lindsay, 2012 Presidential Candidate of the Party for Socialism and Liberation.

In an interview with WMNF, Peta Lindsay, the Party for Socialism and Liberation’s 2012 candidate for President, responds to Hillary Clinton’s recent campaign ad. The ad features feminist and anti-racist leaders like Rosa Parks, Shirley Chisholm, the suffragists of the Seneca Falls movement, Angela Davis, and uses images of protests by undocumented students and the Black Lives Matter movement to conclude that Clinton is the continuation of many decades of struggle against sexism and injustice. 

At one point, the video shows Lindsay speaking at the first protest held by Women Organized to Resist and Defend, which Lindsay co-founded in 2012.

So, I was most mad about the co-option of the entire feminist movement and then as I’m watching it, I see a picture of myself on stage underneath a big purple WORD banner and it just sent me through another level of furious.

We worked very, very hard on that demonstration. That banner says ‘Defend women’s rights. We won’t go back. We’re gonna fight back.’ Because, we’d been organizing our community. We were organizing people to get into the streets to fight for our rights, for our people, for our community. And to see Hillary Clinton take that–take credit for our work, essentially–take all of that great organizing energy that we were able to produce, in the struggle for justice, and use it for her campaign–which is so fundamentally unjust. Her campaign, which supports trade deals that will put so many people out of jobs. Her campaign which supports the murder of women of color all over the world. Her politics, which have labeled Black youth as ‘super predators’, militarized the police and failed so much of my community. To see her try to put my work in support of that has made me completely furious.

Listen to the full interview at WMNF.org