1 in 10 Cal State Students Homeless – Shameful

"It’s an outrage," said Gloria La Riva, presidential candidate of the Party for Socialism and Liberation, about the shocking number of homeless university students unveiled in a recent study. "It’s infuriating that the state of California would allow some 50,000 of its own students to suffer with no safe place to stay - this is a crisis.”

The study, commissioned by the school system’s Chancellor Timothy P. White, revealed that about one in ten of California State University’s students are homeless, and one in five are food insecure. This is in addition to the hundreds of thousands of homeless people around the country.

"If you’re hungry and can't eat, and worried about where you can sleep tonight, how can you study and how can the youth prepare as the next generation of workers who can contribute to society in all fields?" asked La Riva following the news. "This is exactly why people are angry and protesting across the country, and they are right to do so. Our supporters in California have joined with hundreds of people to fight back against this kind of poverty.

“These students live in worsening conditions and afterwards they are inundated with huge amounts of student debt, $20,000, $60,000 even $200,000 dollars of debt is completely common these days, but finding good jobs isn't common. There are hundreds of thousands of people with associate or bachelor degrees working minimum wage jobs or are unemployed.”

La Riva concluded, "This is the insanity of the capitalist system, where there are more empty homes than people without housing, where young people owe the big banks over one trillion dollars in student loan debt for something that can actually be easily provided for free.

“As socialists, we believe society should be based on human need over profit, that the homeless situation should be declared a crisis and everyone should have guaranteed housing. It’s wrong to saddle an entire generation of students with huge loans, and we demand that all student debt be cancelled at once. Our campaign demands that the banks be seized and forced to give all the money it has stolen back to working class people”.

Click here to read the 10-point program of our campaign, which includes making free health care, free education & affordable housing Constitutional rights.