• Dennis Banks speaks at Sacramento State

  • Clinton October Surprise buries Wikileaks October Surprise

  • Gloria La Riva: Exclusion from debates is blatant violation of democracy

  • La Riva: "We can't have a political revolution and support imperialist war hawk Hillary Clinton at the same time"

  • Gloria La Riva arrested, Baton Rouge police attack peaceful protest

  • Join the socialist campaign that's in the struggle!

Campaign News and Statements

Watch the third-party campaigns respond to the corporate debate

Oct 21, 2016

Following the third nationally televised presidential debate on Oct. 19, students and community members interested in the views of the...

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WATCH: Gloria La Riva joins Abby Martin on The Empire Files

Oct 17, 2016

With just weeks until the U.S. presidential election—and with both mainstream candidates embroiled in unprecedented scandal—Abby Martin interviews one of...

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Students in California cast 13,084 votes for socialism

Oct 17, 2016

We call for a movement where regular working and poor people can take back political power from the rich and...

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Recommendations for the CA Statewide Ballot Propositions

Oct 14, 2016

There are seventeen different propositions on the ballot this year in California. The Gloria La Riva for President campaign, the...

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Watch: Activists explain why they are voting socialist

Oct 12, 2016

Watch the newly released video from activists supporting the Gloria La Riva for President campaign!

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Peace and Freedom vice presidential nominee speaks at Sacramento State

Oct 11, 2016

Over one hundred students and activists came to the University Union to listen to Dennis Banks, the vice presidential nominee...

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